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Delaware needs chemistry teachers!

Are you a student studying for the Praxis Subject Assessment test in chemistry? Do you want to help train students to be great chemistry educators? The Delaware ACS is looking to connect students studying for the Praxis Subject Assessment test with qualified tutors. If you are in need of a tutor, or wish to volunteer to tutor a student, please contact DE ACS Secretary Jasmine Smith at jasmine.smith@chemours.com.

On January 3, 2024, the ACS Delaware Section Government Affairs Committee (GAC) met with US Senator Tom Carper in Wilmington to discuss the 2022 CHIPS and Science Act, workforce immigration policies, and the invasion of Ukraine. Pictured are: Left: Rob Mishur, DE ACS Director and GAC chair; Center: US Senator Tom Carper, Right: John Gavenonis, DE ACS Councilor and chair of the ACS Committee on Economic and Professional Affairs.



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Learn about our mission and values and what we do locally, nationally & globally.


Learn about our mission and values and what we do locally, nationally & globally.


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• Tillmanns-Skolnick Service Award
• Deleware Section Award
• Carothers Award
• Teacher of the Year Award


• Tillmanns-Skolnik Service Award
• Delaware Section Award
• Carothers Award
• Teacher of the Year Award


Candidate Bios

Pravin Dubey, Ph.D.


Pravin Dubey is a Global R&D Metabolism Scientist representing the Global Regulatory Sciences (GRS) division at FMC Corporation in Newark, Delaware. He contributes to safety assessments for global registration and stewardship of plant protection products. He holds an M.S. and Ph.D. with a major in Agrochemicals (Department of Chemistry) from G.B.P.U. A.&T., Pantnagar, India. He started his professional career as a study director in a contract research organization (CRO), which provides research, analysis, consultation, and technology development services to public and private organizations. He has worked for ~22 years in different CROs (US and abroad), where he established himself as an expert in the fields of metabolism (plant and animal), environmental fate, and residues for plant protection products, as well as pharmaceuticals. He has been an active member of the American Chemical Society (ACS) and the Agrochemicals Division (AGRO). He has organized several technical symposiums. He has served as a peer reviewer for various journals. He is very passionate about STEM education and believes in strong collaborations between academia and industries.

Rob Mishur


I have been a member of the ACS since 2006 and involved with local section activities since 2013, when I served as chair-elect and program chair for the San Antonio section. In 2014 I relocated to Philadelphia and co-chaired the Philadelphia Younger Chemists Committee in 2015 and 2016. Following another move I served as chair of the Delaware section in 2019. I have also served the Delaware section as alternate councilor (2020-2022) and director (2021-2024).

As director, I have been responsible for managing event registration and maintaining the section’s website, which underwent a redesign following my successful application for an ACS (members engaging through technology) grant. I also serve the ACS by sitting on the DivCHED regional meetings committee and on the MARM (Middle Atlantic Regional Meeting) awards committee.

In addition to my work with ACS, I am also involved in research and chemical education at Widener University, where I am an Assistant Professor of Chemistry. There I serve as faculty advisor to Alpha Chi Sigma, the professional chemistry fraternity, and am co-director of the Summer Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities program (SURCA). Outside of work I enjoy a myriad of hobbies including birding, playing guitar, and homebrewing.

John Gavenois, Ph.D.



John Gavenonis is vice president and general manager (VP/GM) of the Chemistries and Supplies Division at Agilent Technologies.  He joined Agilent in 2017 as VP/GM of the Chemistries Division and later served as VP/GM of the Supplies Division.  Prior to joining Agilent, John spent 14 years at DuPont, where he served as general manager of the Corporate Center for Analytical Sciences.  During his time at DuPont, John progressed through a series of increasingly senior roles in R&D, technical service, marketing, and manufacturing in the DuPont Titanium Technologies, Engineering Polymers, and Performance Polymers businesses.

Outside of Agilent, John is a Board Director for Akadeum Life Sciences, an Advisory Board Member for Kalion, Inc., an Editorial Board member for Chemical and Engineering News (C&EN), a member of the MIT Department of Chemistry Corporation Visiting Committee, and a Trustee for Tower Hill School.

John received an S.B. degree in chemistry from MIT, where he conducted undergraduate research with 2005 Nobel Laureate Professor Richard R. Schrock.  He earned his Ph.D. in organometallic / inorganic chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley under the direction of Professor T. Don Tilley.  John and his wife, Sara, reside in Wilmington with their two boys.  He raced the 2024 Boston Marathon after qualifying for the race in 2022.

ACS Service

John has been a member of the American Chemical Society since 1998.  He joined the Delaware local section in 2003, where he previously served as the Delaware Section Chair, Secretary, Government Affairs Committee Chair, and NCW Chair.  John currently serves as a Delaware Section Councilor.  In this role, he represents Delaware at ACS National Council Meetings and serves as Chair of the Committee on Economic and Professional Affairs (CEPA), which focuses on programs and activities to enhance the economic and professional status of chemical professionals.  John’s leadership of CEPA includes implementation of the strategic plan, overhauling the CEPA manual, strengthening the committee working relationships, and tightening the bonds with the ACS Research and Decision Support Team.  He has provided guidance on ACS career services and the ACS Salary and Membership Surveys, and has been a key contributor to ACS public policy statements.  John is a former member of the Committee on Chemistry and Public Affairs (CCPA) and the Local Section Activities Committee (LSAC), serving as a sub-committee chair for both committees.

Candidate Statement

My most important responsibility as Delaware Section Councilor is representing our members in the development of ACS programs and policies.  During my more than 20 years as a leader in the Delaware Section, I’ve had the opportunity to meet many of our members and to understand the diverse professional interests of our industrial, academic, and retiree membership base.  These insights are important as ACS Councilors weigh decisions and advise on programs that have a significant impact on the strategic direction of the Society.

One of the most important roles for ACS is to support its members in their pursuit of fulfilling professional lives.  Toward this end, ACS has initiatives focused on understanding the economic and salary climate for chemical professionals and developing programs to aid ACS members in their professional pursuits.  As CEPA Chair, I provide the Delaware Section an important seat at the table for these issues and programs, ensuring that Delaware Section interests are represented.

If I am re-elected, I will continue to leverage my experience and knowledge of the Delaware Section to represent our interests at ACS Council.  In addition, I’ll ensure Delaware Section interests – specifically related to employment and professional development – are voiced as part of CEPA.  Furthermore, I am and will continue to be available to address individual member concerns.  I humbly ask for your vote for re-election as Delaware Section Councilor.


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