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Dr. Andrea Martin

2022 Delaware Section Award — CALL FOR NOMINATIONS

The Delaware Section Award is presented annually to a member of the Section for outstanding achievements in research in chemistry or chemical engineering.

Nominations for the 2022 Delaware Section Award will be accepted through June 30, 2022.  Please provide a letter of nomination and a copy of the candidate’s current CV to Dr. Andrea Martin, Chair of the Awards Committee, at Candidates who are not selected in a given year remain under consideration for three years. Nomination files may be updated annually. Nominators should confirm that the candidate is a member of the Delaware Section of the ACS.

Tillmanns-Skolnik Award

Presented as appropriate to a member who has made an outstanding contribution to the content of Section programs, to the administrative function of the Section, or to the improvement of the public perception of the Section.  The award was established in 1984 in memory of Emma-June Tillmanns-Skolnik in recognition of her long and selfless service to the Section.

Carothers Award

Administered by a committee consisting of representatives from local chemical industry and academia.  This award presented annually by the Delaware Section to recognize scientific innovators who have made outstanding contributions and advances in industrial applications of chemistry. The award consists of a commissioned sculpture and a cash award of $2,000.  The Carothers Award is not restricted on the basis of geography.

High School Teacher of the Year Award

Presented annually to a teacher at a high school in Delaware to recognize excellence in teaching in the field of chemistry and related fields such as biochemistry, environmental science and health science.  The award consists of a $250 prize for the teacher and a matching grant for their school.  Winners are nominated for the ACS Middle Atlantic Region teaching award. The winner will be recognized at the September Section Meeting. Click here to apply.

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Previous Delaware Section Award Recipients

The Delaware Section Award recognizes conspicuous scientific achievement in an area of chemistry or chemical engineering by a Delaware Section member.

1979 – Edwin Vandenberg
1980 – William Drinkard
1981 – Richard Heck
1982 – David Breslow
1983 – Garry Rechnitz
1984 – David England
1985 – Bruce Gates
1986 – Paul Morgan
1987 – Owen Webster
1989 – Stanley Sandler
1990 – Roberta Coleman
1991 – Bruce Chase
1992 – M.S. Burnaby Munson
1993 – Michael Klein
1994 – H. N. Cheng
1997 – George Parshall
1998 – Eric Kaler
2000 – Edward Jaffe
2001 – Howard Barth
2002 – Murray Johnston
2003 – Ed Wasserman
2004 – Brian Bidlingmeyer
2005 – Norman Wagner
2006 – Charles McEwen
2007 – Cecil Dybowski
2008 – Mary Kaiser
2010 – Barbara Larsen
2011 – Andrew Teplyakov
2013 – Charles Riordan
2015 – Joseph Fox
2016 – David Eaton
2017 – Paul Fagan
2018 – Xinquiao Jia
2019 – Mary Watson
2020 – Andrew Feiring
2021 – Donald Watson


The American Chemical Society offers several grants and mini-grants to encourage local sections to spread their passion for chemistry throughout their communities. We also celebrate outstanding contributions by local sections and volunteers with awards.

Deadline: February 15, 2022 Amount: Up to $1000

Corporation Associates Local Section & International Chapter Grant

Encouraging ACS local sections and international chapters to promote and host industry-focused events, such as job fairs and networking receptions.

Deadline: April 1, 2022 Amount: Up to $5000

Global Innovation Grant

Supporting funding to ACS units, especially international chapters, for internationally collaborative and innovative activities/events.

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